A Backcourt Private Detective

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“A Backcourt,” the new suspense novel by Kris Allis, has as one of its characters a private detective named Merlot Candy. Merlot is from Atlanta and is highly sought after for his skill in finding persons who don’t want to be found. In the thriller “A Backcourt,” Merlot is seeking vengeance. The woman that he loved had her life taken by a serial killer with a vicious blueprint for murder. That serial killer is in Manhattan and so is Merlot.

Like the detective in the illustration above, Merlot is a dapper guy who enjoys wearing tailor made suits of rich colors with matching shirts and ties. The only person he dresses to impress is himself. Unlike the above illustration, Merlot Candy is a very handsome guy and he’d only smoke a pipe if his life depended on it.

Working with Dennis Cane, Kathy Stockton, Sterling Templeton, and Glenn Bausch, Merlot intends to see justice done. “A Backcourt” will be released in December, 2017


Examining Causes of Death in A Backcourt

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The new suspense thriller novel “A Backcourt” by Kris Allis has as one of its characters Rochester Miller, a pathologist who is busy examining causes of death during the busy hours of his workday. But like all of us he takes time off during the day to relax. Most people watch pornography in the privacy of their own homes, but Rochester prefers viewing on the computer at his desk in the medical examiner’s office whenever he takes a break. He has recently received a medical report that will inject mayhem into this thriller. He works with the dead all day long looking for an explanation as to why death has occurred and he is very good at his job. Unfortunately, this report reveals the fact that someone has made a grave mistake. Rather than deal with it Rochester puts the report in his desk drawer to wait until someone else notices the error. And therein lies the rub. This whole situation adds a mysterious thread that begins to unravel and as a result threatens to cast a shadow of doubt on the integrity of the Medical Examiner’s Office. This can’t happen.

Someone has to pay, but will it be Rochester Miller?

“A Backcourt” is the third novel in a series. The first two novels are on sale at amazon.com.


A Murderer in a Backcourt


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“A Backcourt” is the title of the new suspense thriller by Kris Allis and is the riveting story of a murderer with a mission. Some killers are practical and others are impulsive–striking at will or on a whim. The killer of “A Backcourt” possesses both these attributes. Seeking revenge for a wrongful death of a loved one, a good murderer has but one alternative: kill until the killing is done. As “A Backcourt” opens, killing time is almost over. The murderer has one last life to take and a foolproof method of doing so. Foolproof because it has been tried and not found wanting. It works. It’s quick. And leaves no clues. And it’s not a gun! This type of murder can happen in broad daylight with crowds of people around. In fact the more the merrier. No one has a clue. The only hint of a clue is the dead body remaining. How can such a killer be stopped? Operation A Backcourt! A foolproof method to catch a killer put together by the persons in pursuit of this ruthless murderer.

Two foolproof methods.

Only one can succeed.

Which one will it be?

“A Backcourt” will be released in December, 2017. It is the third novel in a series. The first two novels are on sale at amazon.com.


Why A Backcourt?


Wrapped paper sheets and magnifying glassKris Allis’s new novel, a suspense thriller,  is entitled “A Backcourt.” She chose a title that refers to a backcourt violation  in basketball because one of the characters investigating the case of a serial killer, Dennis Cane,a police detective,  was a point guard on a state championship basketball team. A backcourt violation occurs when the ball handler of a basketball team does not get the ball out of the back court and across the center court line within ten seconds. Dennis believes in making himself clear to his partner, Merlot Candy.  Merlot played on the same basketball team  with Dennis and would like to get over it. Merlot is a private investigator who specializes in finding people who are lost and don’t want to be found. These two men really enjoy bantering back and forth, but they respect each other. To make Merlot understand police speak, Dennis usually gives an example using basketball terms. In “A Backcourt,” the trap that these two guys set for the killer is referred to as ‘Operation A Backcourt‘ and appears to be an excellent way to catch a killer.

This novel is the third in a series. Reading the first two novels in the order they were written helps to appreciate the third, but is not necessary.

“A False Start” was the first novel, “A Moving Screen” is the second. They are available on amazon.com.


An Alcoholic in a Back Court

The new novel by Kris Allis entitled “A Backcourt” is a suspense thriller with a twist. The reader knows the killer’s identity from the beginning of the novel. What is not certain, and therefore creates the suspense, is whether or not the main character, Orella Bookings will stay sober long enough to avoid being murdered. She is a family court judge who enjoys her booze. Especially cognac.  She has often considered the possibility that she could be an alcoholic, but has never fully accepted this as truth. Her own words “When I drink, I get thirsty,”  sums up her approach which is not unlike that of a garden variety alcoholic drinker. Her alcohol consumption creates problems because when she drinks she becomes her own worst enemy. A New Yorker who chooses to hide out in Miami, Orella gets comfortable with the sea and sun. And the Mojitos! But a serial killer is on her trail. Usually presiding in the back courtroom of the Kings County Courthouse, she is completely out of her comfort zone as a lady of leisure. Her motto soon becomes “Cocktail hour!”

What is A Backcourt?

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A backcourt is a trap created by Dennis Cane, one of the characters in the new suspense novel by Kris Allis entitled “A Back Court.” The trap is intended to catch a serial killer in the act of killing her next victim. It is a very well thought out plan with a high probability of success. This is Kris’s third novel in a three-novel suspense thriller series. The first suspense-thriller “A False Start” and the second “A Moving Screen” can be purchased on amazon.com.


Again: What is A Backcourt?



Suspence thriller

Kris Allis has done it again! Her new suspense thriller “A Back Court” is set for release in December. Once more Allis weaves a story filled with a cast of characters who struggle against  a serial killer who is hellbent on killing Orella Bookings, the story’s protagonist. The action of this story moves from New York, to Miami, to Las Vegas, and culminates in Manhattan with nonstop thrills and suspense. Set against the backdrop of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, this thriller tells the story of how a penchant for cognac leads Orella, a family court judge, to reckless behavior.

Behavior that could mark the end of her life…