An Alcoholic in a Back Court

The new novel by Kris Allis entitled “A Backcourt” is a suspense thriller with a twist. The reader knows the killer’s identity from the beginning of the novel. What is not certain, and therefore creates the suspense, is whether or not the main character, Orella Bookings will stay sober long enough to avoid being murdered. She is a family court judge who enjoys her booze. Especially cognac.  She has often considered the possibility that she could be an alcoholic, but has never fully accepted this as truth. Her own words “When I drink, I get thirsty,”  sums up her approach which is not unlike that of a garden variety alcoholic drinker. Her alcohol consumption creates problems because when she drinks she becomes her own worst enemy. A New Yorker who chooses to hide out in Miami, Orella gets comfortable with the sea and sun. And the Mojitos! But a serial killer is on her trail. Usually presiding in the back courtroom of the Kings County Courthouse, she is completely out of her comfort zone as a lady of leisure. Her motto soon becomes “Cocktail hour!”


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