Why A Backcourt?


Wrapped paper sheets and magnifying glassKris Allis’s new novel, a suspense thriller,  is entitled “A Backcourt.” She chose a title that refers to a backcourt violation  in basketball because one of the characters investigating the case of a serial killer, Dennis Cane,a police detective,  was a point guard on a state championship basketball team. A backcourt violation occurs when the ball handler of a basketball team does not get the ball out of the back court and across the center court line within ten seconds. Dennis believes in making himself clear to his partner, Merlot Candy.  Merlot played on the same basketball team  with Dennis and would like to get over it. Merlot is a private investigator who specializes in finding people who are lost and don’t want to be found. These two men really enjoy bantering back and forth, but they respect each other. To make Merlot understand police speak, Dennis usually gives an example using basketball terms. In “A Backcourt,” the trap that these two guys set for the killer is referred to as ‘Operation A Backcourt‘ and appears to be an excellent way to catch a killer.

This novel is the third in a series. Reading the first two novels in the order they were written helps to appreciate the third, but is not necessary.

“A False Start” was the first novel, “A Moving Screen” is the second. They are available on amazon.com.



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