A Murderer in a Backcourt


mystery murder

“A Backcourt” is the title of the new suspense thriller by Kris Allis and is the riveting story of a murderer with a mission. Some killers are practical and others are impulsive–striking at will or on a whim. The killer of “A Backcourt” possesses both these attributes. Seeking revenge for a wrongful death of a loved one, a good murderer has but one alternative: kill until the killing is done. As “A Backcourt” opens, killing time is almost over. The murderer has one last life to take and a foolproof method of doing so. Foolproof because it has been tried and not found wanting. It works. It’s quick. And leaves no clues. And it’s not a gun! This type of murder can happen in broad daylight with crowds of people around. In fact the more the merrier. No one has a clue. The only hint of a clue is the dead body remaining. How can such a killer be stopped? Operation A Backcourt! A foolproof method to catch a killer put together by the persons in pursuit of this ruthless murderer.

Two foolproof methods.

Only one can succeed.

Which one will it be?

“A Backcourt” will be released in December, 2017. It is the third novel in a series. The first two novels are on sale at amazon.com.



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