Examining Causes of Death in A Backcourt

Skull with flaming eyes


The new suspense thriller novel “A Backcourt” by Kris Allis has as one of its characters Rochester Miller, a pathologist who is busy examining causes of death during the busy hours of his workday. But like all of us he takes time off during the day to relax. Most people watch pornography in the privacy of their own homes, but Rochester prefers viewing on the computer at his desk in the medical examiner’s office whenever he takes a break. He has recently received a medical report that will inject mayhem into this thriller. He works with the dead all day long looking for an explanation as to why death has occurred and he is very good at his job. Unfortunately, this report reveals the fact that someone has made a grave mistake. Rather than deal with it Rochester puts the report in his desk drawer to wait until someone else notices the error. And therein lies the rub. This whole situation adds a mysterious thread that begins to unravel and as a result threatens to cast a shadow of doubt on the integrity of the Medical Examiner’s Office. This can’t happen.

Someone has to pay, but will it be Rochester Miller?

“A Backcourt” is the third novel in a series. The first two novels are on sale at amazon.com.



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