A Backcourt Private Detective

private investigator Skull

“A Backcourt,” the new suspense novel by Kris Allis, has as one of its characters a private detective named Merlot Candy. Merlot is from Atlanta and is highly sought after for his skill in finding persons who don’t want to be found. In the thriller “A Backcourt,” Merlot is seeking vengeance. The woman that he loved had her life taken by a serial killer with a vicious blueprint for murder. That serial killer is in Manhattan and so is Merlot.

Like the detective in the illustration above, Merlot is a dapper guy who enjoys wearing tailor made suits of rich colors with matching shirts and ties. The only person he dresses to impress is himself. Unlike the above illustration, Merlot Candy is a very handsome guy and he’d only smoke a pipe if his life depended on it.

Working with Dennis Cane, Kathy Stockton, Sterling Templeton, and Glenn Bausch, Merlot intends to see justice done. “A Backcourt” will be released in December, 2017


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